Blue Gemini
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The fact is, the space race continues to this day. But now there are a lot more players on the field: Germany, France, China, India, South Africa and Brazil now compete for a place in orbit -- sometimes together, sometimes alone.

In the US and in Russia, many look back with nostalgia at a time when it seemed so much simpler: who would be first to launch a rocket into space, who would put the first person into orbit, who would reach the moon.

Yet aside from the stories that we hear and the movies that are made, many aspects of the original space race have never come to light. While on the one hand the superpowers strove for political glories, much effort was put into secret projects... mostly now forgotten.

The purpose of this site is to show how some of those projects may have looked had they been pursued.

The images shown are all my own renderings of spacecraft which were planned but never flew operationally, some cancelled before they even left the drawing board. While the pictures are fictional interpretations (except Spiral), the text describing each project is factual unless otherwise indicated.

PS. If you want the real low-down on these and other projects you might never have heard of, check out Mark Wade's "Encyclopedia Astronautica".

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