Blue Gemini
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Image of Gemini

Gemini in orbit

Gemini approaches OSP

Gemini re-entry

USAF McDonnell Blue Gemini

An integral component of MOL was to be the Gemini spacecraft. After the demise of Dyna Soar, USAF astronauts began training to fly Gemini, and the Air Force planned to fly several missions in conjunction with NASA. These missions were called "Blue Gemini".

Still believing that they would play a key role in manned space, the Air Force anticipated numerous military applications for their Gemini space craft - with or without MOL. It could be readily assumed that the USAF might develop on-orbit resupply missions utilizing Agena or Centaur-like docking targets.

These images show a completely fictional on-orbit anti-satellite weapons system (ca. 1967) comprising a Blue Gemini ship and an armed OSP (Orbital Supply Platform). The OSP holds kinetic "space torpedoes" and provisions for extended missions.

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